Close up Magic

pickpocketingClose Up Magic for all occasions

Ian R Hamilton is a dynamic and quirky young magician creating great interest the entertainment industry. His blend of psychological suggestion and slight of hand skill creates magic in any situation. Ian’s modern and enchanting routines involve everyday objects to mystify and amaze so close you wont believe your eyes.


Close up Magic

Ideal for weddings, restaurants or party functions where the guests are seated at a table. Before and after dinner Ian will entertain your guests in his own unique style.

“Everyone has been talking about your magic non stop. Thank you for making our evening” Andy – private 50th birthday

Mix and Mingle

Ideal for business parties, wedding receptions, during wedding photos or cocktail evenings. Ian will mix and mingle with your guests whilst performing close up magic and mind reading feats.

“Our guests were amazed by your performance. Thank you” Joni Smith – bride

Corporate Ideal for product launch or trade show stands. In competitive business climates generating traffic and potential consumers to your stand is vital. Ian can tailor his performance to suit your brand and create give aways that will be remembered. “The link between the fragrance and the amazing magic lead to a very successful launch” Victor and Rolf – L’loreal