Beat The Brief

I hope you guys had a great weekend! As we promised in the previous post this are some of the exciting news we had to tell you. We got invited to take part of this year’s Beat The Brief Competition organised by the prestigious corporate event company Sternberg Clarke.

The challenge was to adapt our magic and hand shadows act to a brief that got given to us 2 weeks before the event. Our subject was the launch of a Brazilian biscuit in the UK and we needed to somehow incorporate this into our performance. After hours of rehearsals we managed to integrate the biscuit and the Brazilian feel into our performance with a mixture of music and brazilian references like the shadow of the famous footballer Ronaldinho.

Unfortunately, although very well received by the judges and public, ours wasn’t the winning act this time 🙁

This is the review about our performance in Sternberg Clarke’s website

» A completely unique entity on the entertainment circuit, various familiar animals and celebrities were created using hand shadows with a glimpse of the Brazilian theme interspersed amongst the usual routine. It was mesmerising and impressive but the judges agreed that more references to South America wouldn’t have gone a miss.»

Still, despite the outcome of the competition, we managed to secure some great contacts and connections for future possibility’s and enjoyed a fantastic evening of great entertainment and great food at the

We are very happy we this great step forward in the corporate market!


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