Big News

It’s been a while since we updated as we have been busy non stop.

It seems like the airport is our second home as in the last month we have been rhodes twice , algarve and spain. unfortunately we got stuck in Rhodes for a 18 hour delay where we had to sleep on the floor as the whole island was backed up with holiday makers due a 9 meter wide hole opening up on the runway.

we were extremely worried we wasn’t going to make it for a very important corporate engagement but luckily they fixed the hole and service resumed after a very uncomfortable night on the floor


and after the flight home and a frantic drive to London we managed to make it to the awards evening to perform our celebrity hand shadow show.  This took place in the St Ermins Hotel in London and they put us in the Westminster suite which had its own meeting room just so we could get changed and rest before the show 🙂





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