Cbeebies Lets Go Club

So a couple of weeks back we were hired to be the hand shadow experts in a new Cbeebies show called the «Lets Go Club». We had a fun day filming lots of different shadows and teaching two great kids how to make some cool animals.

It will be interesting to see how it comes out as because of the way the camera was set they wanted Elisa to do the presenting and i was to teach how to do the animals . which for us is a complete role reversal

we have just found out the show will air on 18th july at 9.30 am. and a internet only segment will be available on august 2nd

We took one sneaky picture as below but we will of course put up the footage here for all to see once we have reviewed it ourselves. or of course you can watch it yourself on the times above. although that does mean waking up early ­čÖü11713783_10153412640915549_5998784798444564772_o

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