«Lets Go Club» footage

So this week we did something very strange, we woke up at 9 am on a Saturday morning. We did have a good reason however as they were broadcasting our spot on Cbeebies «Lets Go Club»

We have attached the footage to this post. its just our little spot but if you want to see the whole show go to iplayer on the BBC website and do a little search or catch one of the repeats on Cbeebies all this week. I wont add the link here because depending on when you have found this post the page may have disappeared by now or it may not be possible to see the whole show.


And don’t forget on august 2nd we have another segment which will be just on the internet only but can be found at


but of course when it is broadcast we will try and add the footage

Lots of exciting emails and meetings happening at the moment so looking forward to future possibilities



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