Lots going on

Ok so its been a while since I updated here. Mainly because we put comments on our facebook page and twitter more than we do on here. still trying to get used to this side of things. so we decided that illusions are not our bag and added a certain something to our show that makes it bigger. Its been going down amazing and we have worked out most of the kinks now. the great thing is that its not just one thing but a system to build on. we have had lots of exciting meetings with new clients and some great offers of work which we are currently negotiating but im keeping hush hush until we actually find out for sure. We have also put more celebs into our hand shadow show and now have over 20 mins worth of hand shadows including Ozzy Osbourne , Fidel Castro, King of Spain, 2 Pac and Stevie wonder. Oh and don’t forget to check out our new hand shadows video if you haven’t seen it yet its on the videos page of this site. Well i think that’s its for now best go and get ready for our shows as we have a bit of a drive.

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