Busy times

Its been a busy few days for us. what with getting new illusions in the show and then creating new shadows of celebrity’s. First try out was on the ships the other day went well but still need a bit of tweaking. we got a little nervous it being a first public run and all and because of that the Fidel Castro, Elvis and Donald Trump shadows all looked a little too small not something you would really notice being in the audience but to us we require perfection.

Good news however we have just been booked to do our 10 min shadows performance at a corporate event on may 1st. its great but its an animal themed event, as its stands we have just over 6 mins of animal shadows and the rest are celebrity ( our usual show with consist of both the animal shadows and the celebrity shadows lasts about 10-12mins ) so it means we now have to try and create another 4 mins. on top of that we have to film and edit our new magic training dvd . organise our facebook and twitter properly and put the finishing touches to our new illusion ready for our Butlins tours. It really does seem we never get any time off even when we are not officially doing shadows, magic or illusions shows.

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