Slovenian National TV Show

So we have had a very busy few weeks preparing for a fantastic show. We were hired to perform on the most popular, prime time TV show in Slovenia. Not only that but it was broadcast live. We were required to make famous slovenian celebritys with shadow so had to train our fingers for many days before to get them to contort into the correct shapes.

We had a few issues on the day of filming due to the timing needing to be cut from 5 mins down to 4 mins and also the fact that we were supplied with a round screen where as all our presentation is set to work with a rectangle one


As you can see from the image of the rehearsals we spent most of the time trying to rearrange the presentation to fit the screen ­čÖé

It was extremely nerve racking and because of the changes that needed to be done we didn’t get a full rehearsal of the routine before we went live at 8’o clock. so as you can imagine we were crossing all fingers and toes that the presentation would fit the screen properly let alone if our fingers would be able to make the shadows.

we also had a bit of an incident in rehearsals where we had 3 mins to set up projector screen and props etc. as the live show would have a small 3 min break, we had everything set on stage and then all of a sudden somebody backstage pulled the power plug to the projector and all the presentation and light disappeared. just as we were due to go on stage to do our mock interview for the general rehearsal before we went live.

we had many small clips of us on stairways etc and then it was time. we had just three minutes to traverse the set of stairs and set all our props and projector and screen ready for the end of commercial to start our interview before the performance.

we are very pleased to say that all went extremely well and we are very happy with the end result. we added the footage below




10922703_425013330957297_1431050017883241780_nIn this picture we are taking part in a comedy sketch and had to look confused, i think we did good ­čÖé

1958187_425013454290618_1496404896910632286_nthis is Slovenia’s President made from a hand shadow

11053229_425013430957287_328663340582618003_nThis is the skier Filip Flisar. very famous in Slovenia. we had great fun trying to figure out how to do his mustache

all in all we had a fantastic time in Slovenia and even got to visit the city and have some wonderful food before our flight home.




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